I Stand Alone Logo

I Stand Alone is an elite clan, we specialise in pwning noobs.

  • Daithi - An upstanding member of the AC community, known for his philanthropy and all round general greatness.

Semper numero pares, Numquam iecit

Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

Theme Song

Life - I Stand Alone

Godsmack - I Stand Alone Alternative away game theme.

IRC / Chat

#istandalone on gamesurge


A Special mention to my number one fan Medusa.

  • Medusa
  • jamz
  • CCCPgirly
  • pweaks
  • Edward
  • Jason
  • DES|Anderson
  • VallDiGna
  • Ronald_Reagan
  • Habluka
  • gambino
  • Link
  • Orynge
  • harps
  • ac_schaf
  • [SODA]__ME__
  • Mayhem
  • B}ShadowZ
  • Gaby
  • KillerGirl
  • xenon
  • Bugboy1028

Can I join ISA?

No, you are too noob to join such an elite clan. We are not accepting new members ever.

How awesome is ISA?

Too awesome for you noob.

What modes do ISA play?

ISA don't play modes, we pwn modes. We specialise in sniping but crush our enemies on any field of battle.

Do you have any tips for AC noobs?

Listen Here Noob

ProTip: Give up now noob, you have no chance.

Do you have a server?


Where is it?

On the internet.

Do you an IRC channel?

Yes. #istandalone on gamesurge